Do you want to throw harder? Do you want to learn how to gain 3-5 miles per hour on your fastball?

Sorry. You're reading the wrong article, and you are definately on the wrong website.

Don't believe the hype. You don't need to throw harder to get outs.

Your goal is to gets outs, right?

It's sexy to strike people out. I get it. But never sacrifice your control or movement for the sake of adding a few miles per hour.

When you do that, you are no longer a pitcher. You are a thrower.

Don't get me wrong, velocity is important. But it's not not everything.

Velocity should only be one ingredient that makes up a pitcher as a whole:

Control, movement, pitchability, mental toughness and deception are equally important.

Just because you can throw it past hitters now, doesn't mean you will be able to at the next level, or the level after that. Its easy to get used to throwing it past hitters and not work on improving as a complete pitcher. But it will always catch up with you sooner or later. I've seen it a million times.

It happens in the Big Leagues too. There are countless stories of young arms who dominate the Minor Leagues, but when they get "called up" they get knocked around HARD because they were throwers, not pitchers. Their velocity only took them so far. Once they reached the Big Leagues, hitters were good enough to catch up to their fastballs. They were forced to adapt and learn how to become a PITCHER.

Read about Greg Maddux and Roy Halladay early in their careers. They are great examples.

All players, unless your Aroldis Chapman, will reach a point when their fastball is no longer dominant.

If you don't know how to pitch, how to work counts, how to move the ball up and down and in and out, or how to read hitters-YOU WILL GET SHELLED.

And it will hurt.

So why not learn all aspects of pitching now? You'll be that much better for it.

So, how do I learn to pitch?

If you want to learn the mechanical side, we are not your guy. BUT, if you're looking to learn the mental side of the game, you're in the right place! Check out some of our other articles, subscribe to our newsletter, and read up!

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