I can remember my dad flipping balls to me in the back yard as he explained his concept of SWING, SWING, SWING, TAKE. Looking back on it, it was the first hitting approach that I was ever taught. Turns out he was right.

Most hitters step up to the plate with two decisions to make...

Should I swing?

Should I not swing?

As a pitch heads towards the plate, a hitter doesn't have much time to make two decisions.

You only have time for one decision.

Before you dig your cleats into the box you MUST make up your mind that you are there to hit! Therefore, you need to decide you are going to swing at every pitch-no matter what.

I repeat, you must be committing to swinging NO MATTER WHAT!

As you have probably guessed there is a catch. Since you have made up your mind to swing before every pitch, you only have one decision to make during the pitch...don't swing.

If a pitch looks good, there is no decision to make-just swing. You've already committed to that. If it is a bad pitch, you only have to decide not to swing.

By doing this you have done two things:

1-Given yourself only one decision to make-cutting your decision load in half.

2-Put all your swing mechanics into motion before and during the pitch. Trying to achieve consistent physical mechanics without this mindset is impossible.

Coach's Box:

Have your players repeat this phrase verbally during batting practice “I'm swinging, I'm swinging, I'm swinging" before the pitch and as the pitch is approaching. Then, “No” if they watch a bad pitch go by. You can even have your players do this drill without swinging, so they're not distracted by the actual result of where the ball goes. This is a great drill for young players.

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