Pitching is hard enough as it is. Do yourself a favor, and keep it as simple as possible. Especially when it comes to choosing and STICKING WITH A DELIVERY.


A simple delivery is easy to repeat. Thats Why.

Why does that matter?

A repeatable delivery is the most important aspect of locating your pitches and throwing strikes. Having a repeatable delivery allows a pitcher to consistently repeat a release point. That consistency leads to muscle and mental memory and ultimately more control.

Think of a pitcher’s delivery like a puzzle. Which puzzle would be easier to piece together?

One with 5 pieces? Or one with 100?

Obviously, the one with the least amount of pieces. The same is true for a delivery.

The less moving parts the better.

So what does a simple delivery look like?

If you want to see a great example of a simple delivery watch Cy Young Award Winner Zack Grienke in this video.

Notice how simple it is. He takes one small step to the side and a simple leg kick. There’s not many moving parts. It’s easy to repeat pitch after pitch after pitch-and it’s obviously served him quite well in his career.

When you do find a simple delivery you are comfortable with, KEEP IT.

Don’t tinker.

I was a constant tinkerer myself, during my career. I changed my delivery often. I was always looking for a subtle change that would give me a few extra mph’s or better control. What I didn’t realize was that by constantly changing my delivery, I was disrupting my ability to be consistent. Don't make the same mistake.

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